Salus Valley: Land and culture in Comano Terme

We are proud of our territory: Comano Terme and surroundings, the Brenta Dolomites, Lake Garda as all the attractions that make great Trentino in the world – from the castles to museums – not to forget to mention the excellent food, wine and Slow Food. For that, all the staff of Vital Hotel Flora – the most “vital” among the hotels in Comano Terme – is a proud ambassador of Trentino. Ask us in every moment during your wellness holiday in Trentino information about the Mart in Rovereto, the new Science Museum “Muse” in Trento or the wineries, sparkling wine “Trento DOC” and the holy wine (vino santo)… we look forward to sharing our knowledge and precious advice with you!

Land and Culture in Comano Terme: Activities not to be missed

The Castles Route: at your disposal, the guide personalized by Vital Hotel Flora, discovering the castles of Trentino, to which you can access free of charge thanks to the Trentino Guest Card. A trip from Stenico Castle and Thun Castle to Buonconsiglio Castle up to Beseno Castle

Wine tasting at the hotel dedicated to Slow Food and the excellence culinary of the territory: the Ciuìga of Banale Slow Food, and potatoes of Lomaso, Bleggio nuts, cheeses of the Brenta Dolomites, the honey of Trentino

Thematic Museums in Trentino: at your disposal the material created by the Vital Hotel Flora referred to the Thematic Museums in Trentino (Mart in Rovereto, Muse – Science Museum in Trento, Aeronautical Museum in Trento, and many more … ), to which you have free access with the Trentino Guest Card