Salus Valley: Wellness and thermal baths in Comano Terme

Are you looking for a stay at thermal baths in Italy? In addition to the classic destinations – Abano Terme, Montecatini and Saturnia – Italy is hiding in the Dolomites an important and impressive thermal bath: the Comano Baths! The Vital Hotel Flora accompanies you to discover Comano Spa Town and thermal cures of Comano Terme … to start to feel well thanks to the special care with thermal water – unique in Italy!

Comano Thermal Baths: the spa in Italy
They are one of the renowned spas of Trentino: the thermal water. The Comano Baths are immersed in an ancient park: soft hills merge with forests of fir and pine trees, to make room for paths for leisurely walks, jogging and exercise outdoors. In addition to children playground, a small amphitheater and a multipurpose field.

Thermal Treatments
The Comano Baths are specialized in skin care and treatment of skin problems. The main element of the thermes is the thermal water: spontaneous and generous flows from natural sources, from the deep waters of the Brenta Dolomites in the western Trentino, and contains miraculous nutrients for skin care. It’s the only hypothermal mineral water in Italy: has a constant temperature of 27 ° C and a unique composition of salts. Such a high water temperature is quite exceptional and has important implications on the presence of dissolved trace elements.

Comano Spa Town
A pristine refuge in Trentino, guarded by a breathtaking natural setting: the Lake Garda, the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. The Comano Baths is the ideal destination for a vacation in the mountains, made of spas, nature, sports and culture!